POLINA consortium gathers for the 1st pre-kick-off meeting!


On December 4th 2023, the POLINA consortium gathered for a first pre-kick-off meeting online. The session included Work Package presentations and discussions to streamline objectives for the official project start on January 1st 2024.

Under the leadership of Professor Andreas Heise of the Department of Chemistry, the POLINA consortium is set out to to bring a new dimension to medical device manufacturing. The focus of POLINA is the integration of light-sensitive polyamino acid (PAA) with precise 3D patterning techniques, an inspiration drawn from the microelectronics sector. This novel approach aims to bring about a significant improvement in the accuracy of creating 3D biostructures and devices, with potential long-term implications for sustainable electronics, moving away from traditional petrochemical components.

This ambitious initiative will leverage innovative materials and modern 3D printing techniques to create devices aligned with human tissue compatibility and research tool advancements.

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