Breakthrough Technology

To deliver a high-gain revolutionary technology for next-generation micro-structured materials that can transform the medical device and electronics sectors, POLINA will build on two technology pillars (novel materials and lithography structuring).


POLINA will develop specific photoinitiators that allow for the polymerisation of reactive amino acids. The process conditions will be tested and developed on model amino acids to yield polypeptides followed by optimization to meet the requirement for the integration of the technology into commercial lithographic equipment.

Applying the expertise within POLINA, the modification and bioconjugation of structured polypeptide prototypes will be demonstrated to facilitate cell compatibility.


POLINA guiding idea is to prioritise commercially available lithography tools to give prospects of industrial applications in the long term. Initially, 2D photostructuring will be adapted to the novel photocureable amino acids allowing maskless lithography. Increasing the lithographic complexity, 2.5D structuring and eventually 3D printing will be demonstrated.

In an iterative process the amino acid composition will be modulated towards best printing results as well as needs for the biomedical applications.